Sign Up to Help with Foodstock 2017

Thank you so much for volunteering with Foodstock! This organization has no paid employees; it is run by 100% volunteers so we are very happy to have any help you can give.

We also provide documentation for any students who need to earn community service hours.

Foodstock uses to manage all of our volunteer activities (formerly known as VolunteerSpot) so you’ll create an account there when you pick volunteer spots for Foodstock 2017.

Read on for some of the many ways you can help…

Many Hands Make Light Work

Neighborhood Drop

Neighborhood Drop is our most effective method of collecting food donations. It doesn’t take much time, but it requires a lot of people of all ages! So even if you help in other ways, please consider signing up to help with Neighborhood Drop as well.

Look for these spots:

  • Neighborhood BAG Drop Team – drop off bags to residents in a neighborhood that we will assign to you.
  • Neighborhood BAG Pickup Team – pick up the bags with food donations and bring them to Foodstock Central in Freehold.
  • Neighborhood BAG Weigh/Box Station – Receive incoming donations at Foodstock Central, weigh them and pack them in boxes suitable for transporting on the truck.

The role of “Neighborhood Drop Coordinator” typically covers all three of these jobs, but we allow you to sign up separately to pick times that are convenient for you.

Foodstock Truck Load

The tractor-trailer arrives at Foodstock Central on Friday, Oct. 13 — the day before the Foodstock event. We need people of all ages to help load all the boxes collected from Neighborhood Drop onto the truck.

Food Service

We need lots of people to help prepare, cook, and/or serve food at the Foodstock event. Look for the following spots:

  • Soulful Servers (Ages 9-16) – walk among the crowd serving hors d’oeuvres, etc.
  • Soulful Servers (Ages 16+) – serve hot and cold buffet items at the food tents
  • Generous Grill Masters (Ages 21+) – cook the burgers and dogs and anything else that needs to be grilled

Donation Intake

Hundreds of cars will be driving in to drop off food donations and there are lots of ways to help get those donations onto the truck. Look for the following spots:

  • Food Drop Station Unload (Ages 16+) – retrieve donations from cars
  • Food Drop Weigh Station (Ages 16+) – work the scale and ensure all donations are recorded accurately
  • Food Drop Boxing Station (All Ages) – transfer donations to boxes
  • Food Drop Truck Loading (Ages 16+) – load the boxed donations onto the truck

Other Ways to Help

There are plenty of other ways to help! Look for the following spots:

  • Freehold Independent Firehouse #1 SETUP (Ages 16+) – help set up tents, tables, banners, etc.
  • Grounds Clean-up (All Ages) – keep the whole area looking great during and after the event
  • Parking Attendant (Ages 16+) – direct traffic and help people find parking spots
  • Foodstock 2017 Delivery @ Lunch Break (All Ages) – the day after Foodstock, meet at Lunch Break in Red Bank to unload boxes from the truck